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Information Gathering and Utilisation
Zapbytes Technologies manages the personal information it receives and gathers, including data on how you have previously used the Company's goods and services. Information about you that can be used to identify you personally includes your name, address, phone number, and email address.

The firm has the right to combine information it already has about you with information from partners' companies and to give such information to business partners and franchisees without informing the user first. We keep the private data you provide on file for a particular use. Your name, address, phone number, VC number, account number, and/or email address are some examples of the information here. This privacy statement applies to all personal data (also known as "User Information") that you provide to us through this website.

Collaboration and Transfer of Personal Data
With other parties, the Company refrains from disclosing any of the Customer's personal information.

Gathering and Using Personal Data Generally
When a consumer registers to use the company's products, registers to access the company's website or the website of one of its partners, the company collects personal information. The Company may share personal data acquired from partners or other companies for mutual benefit. The Company is permitted to provide the Customer's information to its franchisees and business partners without first notifying the Customer.

Privacy Policy Modification
Without providing the Customer with prior notice, the Company may amend this policy and post it on its website. The Customer is deemed to have read the updated policy at the time it is posted.

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